Sea captain's cap for 1,5-3 year old boys

baba_tengereszsapka_sz.jpg (12104 Byte)
1. top (white)
2. bill (white, cut twice)
In addition, you need:
- 63 x 5 cm piece (striped)
- 53 x 2,5 cm piece (dark blue)
- dark blue embroidering thread (anchor embroidery)
- golden cord, 2 golden buttons

Sew the 63 x 5 cm piece to the top part, sew the ends together. Sew this onto the 53 x 2,5 cm piece, slightly gathered, sew the ends together. Sew the bill together on the "wrong" side, turn it inside out, then sew it again along the edge. Sew it to the front of the cap. Decorate the dark blue part with golden cord and buttons, embroider an ancor into the bill.