Baby pajamas from "rags" (European size 98-104 / 18 months - 2,5 years)

baba_pizsama98_sz.jpg (43366 Byte)

1A: front top
1B: front bottom
2A: back top
2B: back bottom
3: sleeve
4A: foot upper part
4B: sole

The borderline between part 1A and 1B and between 2A - 2B can be changed according to the amount of fabric at hand. The above picture shows about the same variation as the photos. You can also take each part into still more colors, if needed. For example, I've made the sleeves from two colors in the front. The only thing you have to be careful with is to leave a little seam for sewing at each end of the parts.
You can see in part 2B that it is slightly curved upwards. This is to make room for the baby's bottom ("diaper bulk") and not to let the back get too short. This additional 7-8 cm can be added anywhere along the back: a little further up or down.
It is definitely nice to cut the foot from two colours. Measure the length of the child's foot, add some for sewing and that's the final length of the oval.

You will need stripes of stretchy material for the seam at the neck and at the wrists. They should gather the material a little, so hold them slightly stretched while sewing them on.